Hi Friends!! Welcome to our new blog. With all of the wonderful and new things that have been happening in life, I decided it was time for a new blog ( plus you can do super cool things with WordPress). So WELCOME.

December and January have been crazy!! It has been good, but pretty much non-stop.  I will give you the very very brief version.

– It began with some of our dear friends, the Burgers, moving to St. Louis

– we began to pack our whole house to be out by December 20th

– both of us had last days at work- the Stepans and the Clarks help us move everything we owned into a PODS

– we had a going away/Christmas party with the Stepans, the Clarks, the Dodds, the Jess, Ryiah, and Eli Gilbert, and Stacy Hunter — it was a sweet sweet time!

– Had Christmas fun and festivities with my parents and sister and nephs

hello Hudson the Great!


– my neph Hudson turned 5

Buzz Lightyear and a Power Ranger Cake

– Rang in the new year on Portofino Island near Pensacola

On the flight there

My Parentals.... they are so cool

Polar Bear Plunge...people who did it were nuts... it was about 40 MPH wind and 45 degrees outside, plunging into the frosty ocean water

– returned to the ranch – began the trek from Lampasas (near Austin) to St. Louis– mom and I in my car and Justin driving his

– We arrived here January 5th, and the staff guys from the Summit Community Church rocked it and has us completely unloaded in 45 minutes.

– it snowed 5 1/2 inches, and stayed at a windchill of about -10

I am geared up for the snow(in my hubs' boots 🙂

Snow outside our back door

the snow outside of our backdoor

– I turned 24, and to celebrate we took tour o’ Saint Louis in a limo, making snow angels under the arch, sledding in Forest Park, and having a blast all together.

Us at Forest Park

My Snow Angel!

standing at the arch, looking at Illinois!

– Mom returned home

– we went to Summit Community Church for the first time

– Justin started his job as the Executive Financial Director of His Voice for Sudan

– J took me to Ikea in Chicago for a late birthday weekend

J in front of Ditkas!

Welcome to Chicago!

mmm, the skyline

– and then here we are today!

We have really enjoyed being here. It has been hard some days, awesome some days. I have cried at random and had a blast too. I am working to be more conscious about blogging and keeping you updated on our life! Love you!!

Before and After Pictures coming soon of the apartment!