Should Christians Read the Old Testament???

I am trying to read through the whole Bible this year. Currenty I am reading a little of the Old Testament Pentateuch, some Psalms, part of the Gospels and some of Paul’s letters. Many times I have stopped in the Old Testament reading and thought, ” Seriously, do I NEED to read this… these laws are so old and boring, and are the geneologies that important… can’t I just get to some more exciting stuff?” and then I read this little blog that put reading the Old Testament law in perspective for me: ( Below is the blog, but to go to the orig click here )

Don’t Stop Reading in Exodus by Tyler Kenney found on Desiring God’s Site

If you’re tracking with a Bible reading plan, or for some other reason find yourself plodding through pages and pages of old covenant laws, here’s some perspective to help keep you going.

It’s a quote from J. G. Millar about our need to know the Old Testament in order to know the gospel. He mentions Deuteronomy in particular, but what he says applies to the whole Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible):

Much of the theological framework needed to understand the significance of Jesus’ coming, life and death was put in place by Moses in his writing, and perhaps above all in Deuteronomy. For it is here that the theology of blessing and curse which lies at the heart of Jesus’ sin-bearing work is first articulated. It is here that the hopelessness of humanity trapped in sin, even when chosen by God, is exposed. It is here that the prospect of a divine intervention so radical that it changes people at the very core of their being first appears. (New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, pp. 164-165)

and so I shall read on! Hope you have a blessed Palm Sunday!!!