so we moved…again

Less than a year ago, we moved from Fort Worth Texas to Saint Louis MO. That week, as we were moving into our new apartment, the temp outside was in the negatives and we just kept thinking, ” what are we doing? Cold is no fun and we are so very far from anything that is normal.” Eventually the weather got warmer, jobs became more norma, and we began to make more friends. About that time, our situation changed a bit, opening the door for Justin the start a masters program and for me to take a fabulous job. The only catch with all this change is that we would have to move… back to Texas… back to Midland. This blog is coming late, mostly because I have made no time to sit down and write this blog. So sorry if you are just now hearing this… but we moved to Midland.

We arrived here about August 1st. Justin has begun his masters in accounting from UTPB. We also bought a house that we are now mostly settled into. And better yet, we have been able to reunite with lots of old friends and are very near both of our families. Through all of the change and transition in the past year, I can say now more than ever that God is faithful. He is faithful to his character, that he both loves his children dearly, he disciplines us to make us more like him, and he is relationally oriented us. Such sweet truth to learn through all of this.

Again, sorry if you are just now hearing of this… we are glad to be back here.

We are excited about life in this new old place… more on our life to come soon!