Surgery Complete

Three important things from today: our God is very gracious to us, Canaan is a champ, and we loved being here at Cooks! We keep joking that if Canaan has anything more than a cold in the future we are tempted to bring him back here. 🙂

Yesterday might have been the longest day in our lives! Once the surgery began, it only lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. We were shocked because both surgeons warned us the surgery would more than likely take 4 hours. After the surgery was complete, the surgeons came out to speak with us. They said Canaan did great and the surgery was very “textbook” with nothing unexpected. Also, he had very little blood loss, which for a little guy, that is great!

After surgery, Canaan went into the recovery area to allow the anesthesia wear off. After about an hour and half, we were able to see him and follow him as they wheeled him into the PICU. Sweet baby had a turban bandage on his head and was snoozing. On our way there, we ran into one of his surgeons. Once we got to the PICU, we got all settled in, met our nurses, and got all information we we need for right then. After the surgery he was doing great, all stats were looking good.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:








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