Surgery: Day 1 post op

Canaan spent his first night after the surgery in PICU. We slept at our hotel that night. When we arrived the next morning, Canaan had started to swell, and had a pretty nice shiner. It is very normal for cranio patient’s heads and eyes to swell.


One of the surgeon’s PA’s arrived that morning to remove Canaan’s bandages:20120312-211006.jpg


Canaan rested, and we waited. Waited for him to wake up, waited for him to get more pain medicine, waited to get assigned to a normal room. At first they told us we may not be moved to a normal room because the whole fourth floor was full. Then, before we knew it, our nurse came back and said there was a room opening up, just for us!





It was nuts, we just watched his sweet little face swell. Once we got settled into our new room, he even played for a little:



Can you see the difference?20120312-214139.jpg


4 thoughts on “Surgery: Day 1 post op

  1. We are praying for you guys! Such a precious little guy you have! Thank you for sharing this with us. I read the helpful blogs you had links to & it just made me so aware of the importance of sharing this info & insight with other parents & family. That way you are familiar with post surgery stuff & it doesn’t seem quite so scary!
    Love you!
    Leon & Tresa

  2. Prayers for great healing, rest and restoration! May our mighty and amazing God comfort and surround y’all. He is beautiful!

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