10 is the magic number: Surgery 3 days-10 days post op

So, immediately following the surgery, the surgeons warned us that days ahead might be somewhat difficult but at around day 10 post op, Canaan would most likely be his normal smily self. All of that said, we made it to day 10!! Poor little Canaan was more cranky and cried more in the past week than he has in his whole life. I mean as if surgery on his head was not enough for his little body to deal with, he also started cutting his first tooth. All I kept thinking last week was, “day 10, day 10, day 10”. We made it!

Ok, a recap on Canaan post-op:

3rd day: minute by minute, sweet boy kept swelling. I felt like every time a doctor or nurse would come in they would remind us that even once we thought Canaan could not swell anymore, he would.

Poor guy couldn’t open either eye at all now. Many friends came to visit which helped to pass the time quickly. We spent the day sitting with him, trying to keep his pain managed and his head upright to help the swelling.

Fourth day: He opened his eyes!! Barely, but a little is more than not at all!!! When I told our nurse, she began to remove his IV lines they left in his feet in case of emergency.

Because his eyes had opened, and he was eating well, they discharged us!!! So we packed up, and began the 4 hour trek home! Amazing enough, every time we stopped, Canaan’s swelling went down more and more.

This is when we left the hospital:

This is about halfway home:

This is once we got home:

About 8 hours after we left the hospital:

And the next morning- Monday following surgery:

And 10 short days after the surgery:

It is simply amazing. We are thankful that the Lord saw fit for our son to be born this way and that he has gifted surgeons to be able to fix sweet heads such as his!

Thank you every one who has been on this journey with us!


2 thoughts on “10 is the magic number: Surgery 3 days-10 days post op

  1. Congrats on making it through! It is amazing how strong and brave and resilient babies (and parents too!) are. You have a beautiful little boy.

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