At our son Canaan’s birth, his pediatrician diagnosed him with Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Before I tell our story, I am blogging this so that if anyone is like us and upon hearing the news immediately Googled the words “Sagittal Craniosynostostis”, they might stumble upon on blog and find it encouraging and helpful.

So our doctor went on to explain that it seemed like the sutures in Canaan’s head were prematurely fused together- laymen’s terms: he didn’t have the huge soft spot most babies have when they are born. If he did have Sagittal Craniosynostosis, it would mean surgery for him in the future. For right now though all the doctor wanted us to do was wait. She wanted to take a look at his head in 2 months.

So we waited. We enjoyed Canaan, our family & friends and one another in the first few months of our baby boy’s life. And we prayed. Not only us but our friends and family were praying as well. We all asked the Lord to heal Canaan, and to more importantly save him at a young age that he might walk with the Lord for the rest of his life. Those 2 months were dear to us- we were and have been truly surrounded by amazing people, amazing family and friends who have been support and encouragement to us. The reality we came to concerning his head is that no matter if the Lord chose to heal our son or not, without Canaan coming to know the saving grace of our King, it doesn’t matter if he head is healed because his heart would not be healed at all. We also came to the reality that God made his head just like it is… and God knows what he is doing in our lives. This was not some mistake of his. In those two months, we noticed Canaan’s head did have a unique shape. The back stuck out and was somewhat pointy so when he was real little it was difficult for him to face forward while laying down, rather he had to lay with his head facing one side or the other. And all of those cute infant hats didn’t fit so well. Below you can see the odd shape, but also he always sleeps like this because he can’t keep his head straight forward. Other than those things, he was and is a normal, healthy baby boy.

Canaan turned two months old, and it was finally time to go see our pediatrician. Our Dr. confirmed her diagnosis that he did in fact have Sagittal Craniosynostosis. She referred us to Cook’s Childrens in Fort Worth.

We called right away to make an appointment. It was set for January 18th. January 18th came, we were able to meet the surgeon who will actually being doing the surgery to correct Canaan’s Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Canaan just adored him, laughing and smiling at him the entire time. The surgeon requested that we get on his surgery calendar as soon as we could so that he could perform the surgery sooner than later.

That brings us to today…. Canaan’s surgery is set for Thursday March 8th at Cook’s Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth.We could not be more thrilled that they were able to get us in so quickly! If all goes as the doctors are planning, Canaan will be in the PICU for two short days and then stay in a regular room for 3-5 more days. After that, we should be able to return home.

Below are some great resources that have been helpful to us in learning about Sagittal Craniosynostosis:

our favorite video and blog (both by the same family):


so we moved…again

Less than a year ago, we moved from Fort Worth Texas to Saint Louis MO. That week, as we were moving into our new apartment, the temp outside was in the negatives and we just kept thinking, ” what are we doing? Cold is no fun and we are so very far from anything that is normal.” Eventually the weather got warmer, jobs became more norma, and we began to make more friends. About that time, our situation changed a bit, opening the door for Justin the start a masters program and for me to take a fabulous job. The only catch with all this change is that we would have to move… back to Texas… back to Midland. This blog is coming late, mostly because I have made no time to sit down and write this blog. So sorry if you are just now hearing this… but we moved to Midland.

We arrived here about August 1st. Justin has begun his masters in accounting from UTPB. We also bought a house that we are now mostly settled into. And better yet, we have been able to reunite with lots of old friends and are very near both of our families. Through all of the change and transition in the past year, I can say now more than ever that God is faithful. He is faithful to his character, that he both loves his children dearly, he disciplines us to make us more like him, and he is relationally oriented us. Such sweet truth to learn through all of this.

Again, sorry if you are just now hearing of this… we are glad to be back here.

We are excited about life in this new old place… more on our life to come soon!

Should Christians Read the Old Testament???

I am trying to read through the whole Bible this year. Currenty I am reading a little of the Old Testament Pentateuch, some Psalms, part of the Gospels and some of Paul’s letters. Many times I have stopped in the Old Testament reading and thought, ” Seriously, do I NEED to read this… these laws are so old and boring, and are the geneologies that important… can’t I just get to some more exciting stuff?” and then I read this little blog that put reading the Old Testament law in perspective for me: ( Below is the blog, but to go to the orig click here )

Don’t Stop Reading in Exodus by Tyler Kenney found on Desiring God’s Site

If you’re tracking with a Bible reading plan, or for some other reason find yourself plodding through pages and pages of old covenant laws, here’s some perspective to help keep you going.

It’s a quote from J. G. Millar about our need to know the Old Testament in order to know the gospel. He mentions Deuteronomy in particular, but what he says applies to the whole Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible):

Much of the theological framework needed to understand the significance of Jesus’ coming, life and death was put in place by Moses in his writing, and perhaps above all in Deuteronomy. For it is here that the theology of blessing and curse which lies at the heart of Jesus’ sin-bearing work is first articulated. It is here that the hopelessness of humanity trapped in sin, even when chosen by God, is exposed. It is here that the prospect of a divine intervention so radical that it changes people at the very core of their being first appears. (New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, pp. 164-165)

and so I shall read on! Hope you have a blessed Palm Sunday!!!


Hi Friends!! Welcome to our new blog. With all of the wonderful and new things that have been happening in life, I decided it was time for a new blog ( plus you can do super cool things with WordPress). So WELCOME.

December and January have been crazy!! It has been good, but pretty much non-stop.  I will give you the very very brief version.

– It began with some of our dear friends, the Burgers, moving to St. Louis

– we began to pack our whole house to be out by December 20th

– both of us had last days at work- the Stepans and the Clarks help us move everything we owned into a PODS

– we had a going away/Christmas party with the Stepans, the Clarks, the Dodds, the Jess, Ryiah, and Eli Gilbert, and Stacy Hunter — it was a sweet sweet time!

– Had Christmas fun and festivities with my parents and sister and nephs

hello Hudson the Great!


– my neph Hudson turned 5

Buzz Lightyear and a Power Ranger Cake

– Rang in the new year on Portofino Island near Pensacola

On the flight there

My Parentals.... they are so cool

Polar Bear Plunge...people who did it were nuts... it was about 40 MPH wind and 45 degrees outside, plunging into the frosty ocean water

– returned to the ranch – began the trek from Lampasas (near Austin) to St. Louis– mom and I in my car and Justin driving his

– We arrived here January 5th, and the staff guys from the Summit Community Church rocked it and has us completely unloaded in 45 minutes.

– it snowed 5 1/2 inches, and stayed at a windchill of about -10

I am geared up for the snow(in my hubs' boots 🙂

Snow outside our back door

the snow outside of our backdoor

– I turned 24, and to celebrate we took tour o’ Saint Louis in a limo, making snow angels under the arch, sledding in Forest Park, and having a blast all together.

Us at Forest Park

My Snow Angel!

standing at the arch, looking at Illinois!

– Mom returned home

– we went to Summit Community Church for the first time

– Justin started his job as the Executive Financial Director of His Voice for Sudan

– J took me to Ikea in Chicago for a late birthday weekend

J in front of Ditkas!

Welcome to Chicago!

mmm, the skyline

– and then here we are today!

We have really enjoyed being here. It has been hard some days, awesome some days. I have cried at random and had a blast too. I am working to be more conscious about blogging and keeping you updated on our life! Love you!!

Before and After Pictures coming soon of the apartment!