2 months ago…

Not only did sweet Canaan turn 7 months old a few days ago, today marks 2 months post-surgery. It is amazing to me, it was only 2 short months ago, at about this time,that we were getting settled into the PICU at Cook Childrens, seems like a century ago:


The Lord has been gracious to our family. Just two short months, only 60ish days after, our sweet son is just as normal as can be. He is happy, just moments from being able to crawl well, interacts with everyone around him, loves to eat solid food, and talks all of the time. Here is hime from the last week: 


10 is the magic number: Surgery 3 days-10 days post op

So, immediately following the surgery, the surgeons warned us that days ahead might be somewhat difficult but at around day 10 post op, Canaan would most likely be his normal smily self. All of that said, we made it to day 10!! Poor little Canaan was more cranky and cried more in the past week than he has in his whole life. I mean as if surgery on his head was not enough for his little body to deal with, he also started cutting his first tooth. All I kept thinking last week was, “day 10, day 10, day 10”. We made it!

Ok, a recap on Canaan post-op:

3rd day: minute by minute, sweet boy kept swelling. I felt like every time a doctor or nurse would come in they would remind us that even once we thought Canaan could not swell anymore, he would.

Poor guy couldn’t open either eye at all now. Many friends came to visit which helped to pass the time quickly. We spent the day sitting with him, trying to keep his pain managed and his head upright to help the swelling.

Fourth day: He opened his eyes!! Barely, but a little is more than not at all!!! When I told our nurse, she began to remove his IV lines they left in his feet in case of emergency.

Because his eyes had opened, and he was eating well, they discharged us!!! So we packed up, and began the 4 hour trek home! Amazing enough, every time we stopped, Canaan’s swelling went down more and more.

This is when we left the hospital:

This is about halfway home:

This is once we got home:

About 8 hours after we left the hospital:

And the next morning- Monday following surgery:

And 10 short days after the surgery:

It is simply amazing. We are thankful that the Lord saw fit for our son to be born this way and that he has gifted surgeons to be able to fix sweet heads such as his!

Thank you every one who has been on this journey with us!

Surgery: Day 1 post op

Canaan spent his first night after the surgery in PICU. We slept at our hotel that night. When we arrived the next morning, Canaan had started to swell, and had a pretty nice shiner. It is very normal for cranio patient’s heads and eyes to swell.


One of the surgeon’s PA’s arrived that morning to remove Canaan’s bandages:20120312-211006.jpg


Canaan rested, and we waited. Waited for him to wake up, waited for him to get more pain medicine, waited to get assigned to a normal room. At first they told us we may not be moved to a normal room because the whole fourth floor was full. Then, before we knew it, our nurse came back and said there was a room opening up, just for us!





It was nuts, we just watched his sweet little face swell. Once we got settled into our new room, he even played for a little:



Can you see the difference?20120312-214139.jpg

Surgery Complete

Three important things from today: our God is very gracious to us, Canaan is a champ, and we loved being here at Cooks! We keep joking that if Canaan has anything more than a cold in the future we are tempted to bring him back here. 🙂

Yesterday might have been the longest day in our lives! Once the surgery began, it only lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. We were shocked because both surgeons warned us the surgery would more than likely take 4 hours. After the surgery was complete, the surgeons came out to speak with us. They said Canaan did great and the surgery was very “textbook” with nothing unexpected. Also, he had very little blood loss, which for a little guy, that is great!

After surgery, Canaan went into the recovery area to allow the anesthesia wear off. After about an hour and half, we were able to see him and follow him as they wheeled him into the PICU. Sweet baby had a turban bandage on his head and was snoozing. On our way there, we ran into one of his surgeons. Once we got to the PICU, we got all settled in, met our nurses, and got all information we we need for right then. After the surgery he was doing great, all stats were looking good.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:







Surgery Day is Here!

Our morning began bright and early! Canaan did great even though he wasn’t able to eat. Once we arrived at Cooks, we were taken to a surgery waiting area where we changed Canaan into a gown, and they have him and IV. He was so brave, and only cried a little. Then we just waited, Canaan took a nap and we just hung out with him. The anesthesiologist came to speak with us and prayed with us. We were also able to speak with both of our surgeons this morning. We love Cooks… It has been just wonderful to be taken care of the way they have taken care of us.

They rolled him away right at 7:30! From then they said it would take a out an hour to begin the surgery. Once they start, the surgery will take about 4 hours.

Here are some pictures of our morning:







Surgery: pre- op

I am sitting here after a long, long day at Cooks Children’s Medical Center, holding my sweet Canaan, who has been an absolute champ today, and is passed out in my arms.

Today consisted of an appointment to work with the Neurosurgeon who will be working on Canaan’s head:


And pre-op where they took his vitals, some blood and asked LOTS of questions:





Thanks for being here with us!!

We made it to Fort Worth

We made it to Fort Worth! We are checked in and little dude is napping!

In two short days, we will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and taking our precious baby boy to have surgery. It is crazy!

Some details about what’s going on: the surgery will last somewhere between 2 and 4 hours, taking absolutely no longer than 6 hours. Once the surgery is complete Canaan will go into recovery for some where between 2-4 hours. Once he is awake and coming out of recovery we will be able to see him!! Canaan will be in the PICU for about a day and then a normal room for 3 days! So Lord willing we will be headed back to Midland the beginning of next week.

I will keep you posted!
If you are wondering what surgery I am referencing, take a look at my previous post “Craniosyno…what???”


At our son Canaan’s birth, his pediatrician diagnosed him with Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Before I tell our story, I am blogging this so that if anyone is like us and upon hearing the news immediately Googled the words “Sagittal Craniosynostostis”, they might stumble upon on blog and find it encouraging and helpful.

So our doctor went on to explain that it seemed like the sutures in Canaan’s head were prematurely fused together- laymen’s terms: he didn’t have the huge soft spot most babies have when they are born. If he did have Sagittal Craniosynostosis, it would mean surgery for him in the future. For right now though all the doctor wanted us to do was wait. She wanted to take a look at his head in 2 months.

So we waited. We enjoyed Canaan, our family & friends and one another in the first few months of our baby boy’s life. And we prayed. Not only us but our friends and family were praying as well. We all asked the Lord to heal Canaan, and to more importantly save him at a young age that he might walk with the Lord for the rest of his life. Those 2 months were dear to us- we were and have been truly surrounded by amazing people, amazing family and friends who have been support and encouragement to us. The reality we came to concerning his head is that no matter if the Lord chose to heal our son or not, without Canaan coming to know the saving grace of our King, it doesn’t matter if he head is healed because his heart would not be healed at all. We also came to the reality that God made his head just like it is… and God knows what he is doing in our lives. This was not some mistake of his. In those two months, we noticed Canaan’s head did have a unique shape. The back stuck out and was somewhat pointy so when he was real little it was difficult for him to face forward while laying down, rather he had to lay with his head facing one side or the other. And all of those cute infant hats didn’t fit so well. Below you can see the odd shape, but also he always sleeps like this because he can’t keep his head straight forward. Other than those things, he was and is a normal, healthy baby boy.

Canaan turned two months old, and it was finally time to go see our pediatrician. Our Dr. confirmed her diagnosis that he did in fact have Sagittal Craniosynostosis. She referred us to Cook’s Childrens in Fort Worth.

We called right away to make an appointment. It was set for January 18th. January 18th came, we were able to meet the surgeon who will actually being doing the surgery to correct Canaan’s Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Canaan just adored him, laughing and smiling at him the entire time. The surgeon requested that we get on his surgery calendar as soon as we could so that he could perform the surgery sooner than later.

That brings us to today…. Canaan’s surgery is set for Thursday March 8th at Cook’s Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth.We could not be more thrilled that they were able to get us in so quickly! If all goes as the doctors are planning, Canaan will be in the PICU for two short days and then stay in a regular room for 3-5 more days. After that, we should be able to return home.

Below are some great resources that have been helpful to us in learning about Sagittal Craniosynostosis:



our favorite video and blog (both by the same family):